Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rooting Interests....

Please don't injure yourself while rooting for your favorite team

The United States Naval Academy. To blow up Notre Dame. Winning the football game is simply icing on the cake. We love Navy football at the "Barrel". Conversely, we hate Notre Dame. No one, not even Tech, runs the triple option more efficiently than Navy. Smart people playing smart football. Plus they'll then go on to defend our country. So we got that working for us.
May the curse of 1,000 sailors descend upon you, Fat Charlie. (Anyone know what that curse might be?)

The Northwestern Wildcats. I find the Big 11 insulting. And it galls me that Iowa is ranked #4. Are you kidding me? Smoke & mirrors. So maybe our educated friends at Northwestern can put an end to the nonsense. We kinda like Northwestern, anyway. A literary bent to this squad with a coach named Fitzgerald & a QB named Kafka. Let's hope you can help Iowa "metamorphis" into their true selves- a Big 11 team.

Toby Gerhart. I think we rooted for him last week. But we like Toby. What's not to like. 6'1", 245 pounds of road grader. The white tailback is sorta like the white Buffalo these days- you rarely see one. May he power through the Ducks this weekend...
To borrow a phrase from EDSBS, "a he-ship of the man line"

Karma. It's come home to the Midwest. See what happens when you abandon your traditional values. Oklahoma plays Nebraska this weekend in a meaningless football game. That once great rivalry has lost its luster. Why you ask? Because they abandoned option football! Nebraska couldn't score if it was wandering through a whore house with a hundred dollar bill taped on its forehead. Oklahoma can score, but damn, you were the flagship for the option. Where have you gone, J.C. Watts, Billy Sims, Eric Crouch & Turner Gill? A nation turns it's lonely eyes to you.....Karma, ain't it a bitch.

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