Monday, January 11, 2010

The Cesspool of the South.....

First it was Bud Foster....
Then John Chavis said no....
But their program is so great how could anyone turn them down....????

A memo to Saint Richt: please continue to shit all over yourself in the search for a new defensive coordinator. Some of us are truly enjoying the trip. And the above gentlemen thank you for the nice bump in salary. Sincerely,
Hash Slinger


  1. Let's not forget, they did talk to BVG... He actually commented, "I won't return to college at this point."

    AND, according to most fans, were courting Belichik, but opted not to offer him. Wouldn't fit the system.

  2. They also talked to former Clemson DC now Illinois DC Vic Koenning & Tuberville. The list is long & growing. May the humor continue...