Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Live from Knoxvegas....

Live from Knoxville....

They are literally burning things in the street. Tennessee basketball player Renaldo Woolridge has been tweeting the mayhem. Reports have the city looking a bit like Morgantown, West Virginia as students are burning couches & chanting random obscenities. Both Lane & his wife's phone numbers have been pasted on several Vol message boards. The famous Rock has been painted to reflect the current mood...

Modern art at its finest.....

And we have an early reaction from a die hard Vol fan. This is absolutely living up to our expectations. SWEET SCHADENFREUDE!!!!! We're giddy with what tomorrow will bring in VolNation. What a start to the off-season!!!


  1. He's so pissed he almost set his trailer on fire! That's fucking angry, man!

  2. Great moment in that video

    1)empty liquor bottle just left out in yard, before snow fall, so its been there over a week, pointed directly at child's bike. Camera pans to christmas lights still on, but its not christmas.

    Stay Classy Knoxville!