Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ummm, damn, ummmm.....

The Barrel: "Baby, it's not usually like this..."

Our Date: (turns head, rolls eyes) "Oh, I'm sure"

The Barrel: "We're a stallion in the sack. A Cassanova. I don't know what happened....?"

Date: (thought bubble) "here goes Quick Draw with the excuses....."

The Barrel: "I mean, usually I can last an hour or two......"

Date: (thinking again to herself) "sure, maybe when you're playing tiddlywinks"

The Barrel: "I know we were early. Just a little quick. Over excitement, baby, you lookin' so fine & all....."

Date: rolls over, yawns in disinterest....

The Barrel: "I mean, it just went off. You know, like the loaded weapon it is. Damn baby, it won't ever happen again"

Date: "you're right about that"

The Barrel: "Baby, I'm sorry, we'll make it up to you....."

Seems like we were, shall we say, a bit premature in announcing we'd have a defensive coordinator today. We don't have shit. We jumped the shark. Call it a case of premature defensive coordinator-jaculation. Call it whatever you want. But it will evidently be a couple days until we have a an announcement on our new DC. Until then, you may now enjoy your case of "defensive coordinator announcement blue balls". Sincerely,

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