Friday, January 29, 2010

A Test of Your Recruiting Mettle.....

Some are dated & arcane; ruins from another culture long ago. Some are new-fangled & fancy; embracing the modern age of technology. Almost all are bureaucratic rigmarole designed to confuse even the smartest among us. Of what do we speak? Why NCAA recruiting regulations, of course. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram published this quiz on NCAA protocol & we found it interesting. A challenge to you all: take the quiz & record your score in the comments section. The prizes: the reader with the most correct answers will be eligible to become director of compliance/recruiting coordinator for the Ivy League school of their choice. The reader with the least number of correct answers......a volunteer job on Lane Kiffin's staff. Have at it & post scores in the comments section....
-Hash (for the record my score was 15)


  1. I got a 7... JoePa would not be pleased!

  2. I got a 14 - only becuase I went with what sounded the most unreasonable.

  3. 13. Could have had 14 but I changed an answer.