Monday, January 11, 2010

Random Thoughts & Monday Musings...

We've certainly started the off-season with a whirlwind of activity - never a dull moment. Things going on today we'll have updates on:
  • Derrick Morgan, Jon Dwyer, & Morgan Burnett have scheduled a 1pm press conference at Tech. They came in together & they will leave together. We've known all were leaning toward the NFL, today is the day it becomes official. Here's a short primer for Tech fans on how to deal with this: 1) applaud, 2) remember the great plays & years they gave us, 3) applaud again, 4) wish them well in the NFL. These three guys owe us, Tech fans, absolutely nothing. In fact, it's us, the fans, that owe them something; our continued support. We'll post when the news becomes official.
  • It has been acknowledged by both Paul Johnson & Al Groh that there is "mutual interest" in the vacant defensive coordinator job. There have been various rumors as to where things stand at this juncture from Groh accepting the job to us not having offered. Our best guess from what we have gleaned is that we have presented Groh with a contract & both sides are working out details. Groh has publicly stated that he will run a 3-4 when he coaches again. But then again he also said there's "never been any ego in my career". Al, meet Mr. Mirror. Pretty funny coming from a guy widely regarded in the media & his own profession as arrogant. Expect an announcement on Wednesday when the staff returns from the AFCA convention in Orlando. We must admit the thought of harnessing the power of the Undead on the Flats makes us a little warm & fuzzy.....
  • Reports out of Louisville have emerged saying that linebackers coach Brian Jean-Mary will remain at Tech instead of taking a similar position on Charlie Strong's new staff. This will certainly help us in recruiting.
  • Rumor has it that offensive graduate assistant Lamar Owens has been offered the A-Backs slot vacated when Jeff Monken left to become head coach at Georgia Southern. Owens played for CPJ at Navy & was instrumental in developing Josh Nesbitt this season.
  • And finally we discovered this gem from Nick Satan, I mean Saban. When asked about current DC Kirby Smart making a lateral move to U(sic)GA Satan had this to say: "I'm not pleased when guys make lateral moves because it's a little human nature to think - like my Dad used to say, the grass is always greener on top of the septic tank". Both Satan & his father have obviously been to Athens. Cesspool, septic tank, no big difference. And 10 bonus points to Saban for the egregious pot shot at U(sic)GA. Some things never get old....
We will, as always, try to keep everything updated as info comes in.....


  1. The grass should be greener in Athens. Don't half of their athletes major in Turf Management? Here's a sneak peek at one player's senior project!

  2. Fine work, as always, good sir.

  3. Leave it to U(sic)GA to create a major out of something that most folks do as a hobby on the weekend. I am also impressed by the school of Housing Management (Caleb Kings major). Basically a glorified home ec degree without all that pesky cooking and sewing...