Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rumors & Innuendo.....

There are widespread rumors floating about that defensive line coach & recruiting coordinator Giff Smith is leaving Tech to become the outside linebackers coach on Chan Gailey's staff in Buffalo. Kelly Quinlan of Rivals (a source whom we trust) is reporting that Giff has interviewed for the job but has not signed a deal as of right now. We're sure CPJ will do everything he can to keep Giff around. While we're never disappointed in someone bettering their situation (leaving for an NFL job after being passed over for a promotion, in this case) the timing could not be worse for us with just eight days until National Signing Day. Good luck to Giff whatever he decides & here's hoping we keep all our current commitments.
Oh yeah, one other word of advice: following Chan Gailey anywhere is a dubious move. Unless that is you feel going 8-8 or 9-7 is good job security. Don't say you haven't been warned. And you'll be living in Buffalo. Ponder that for a second. Buffalo. Cold, wind, snow, Yankees. A true cultural mecca, Buffalo. Hell, Macon looks civilized compared to that shithole. So Giff, put down the Jim Jones Book of Career Planning, set the NFL Kool-Aid on the table, & settle in on the Flats......we now resume our regularly scheduled programming.....

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  1. He's gone. This sucks big-time for us !