Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fall Out....

According to online reports the decision to let Wommack go has not effected any of our current commitments. They remain solid & Bostic, Perkins, & Johnson move into their dorm room today. Welcome to the Flats, gentlemen. One person who maybe moving out is linebackers coach Brian Jean-Mary. Jean-Mary has interviewed for the same job at Louisville with new head coach Charlie Strong. BJM & Strong previously coached together at South Carolina. The uncertainty over who our new defensive coordinator will be & what staff will remain makes it highly likely that Jean-Mary will jump ship. Unfortunate because he is a good coach & recruiter & fine person.

We hope Coach BJM stays on the Flats....

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  1. A thought on the loss of BJM. One of Wommack's problems may have been the fact he wasn't able to select his own staff. He was essentially trying to teach his system with coaches who were brought on and up under John Tenuta.

    while we would hate to see BJM leave, it may help the incoming DC if he can get some of his own people in.