Friday, January 15, 2010

Groh-mentum on the Flats....

That scowl should look perfect next to CPJ on the Tech sidelines....

Rival's Kelly Quinlan was the first to report this morning & ESPN & the AJC have followed that former Virginia head coach Al Groh has indeed accepted the defensive coordinator position. Now 65, the Bill Parcell's protege brings a wealth of experience to the Flats along with a Super Bowl ring (1990 Giants). A quick look at what this means for us:
  • Groh is well respected as a defensive mind with close ties to Parcells & Belichek. He's a 3-4 guy & I expect we will switch to a 3-4 next season. We plan to post an updated defensive depth chart reflecting this change later today.
  • This will help recruiting. Groh's NFL experience will help draw interested recruits into the program. I expect to see a couple commitments on the defensive side before signing day.
  • Our guess is Groh mentors Giff Smith who takes over when Groh retires. Good plan.
This is a very good hire for our program. We get a well respected defensive coach who will shore up many of our deficiencies in a hurry. Groh will also help with recruiting in the Northeast. More to come as things unfold......

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