Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On Gailey, transfers, new coaches, & more.....

It certainly hasn't been as slow as we expected after the season ended. There's plenty of stuff going on out there to keep us busy & interested. A few things on the radar:
  • Chan Gailey is the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills. By all accounts Chan is a very nice man & we wish him well in Buffalo. We were, for the record, proponents of letting Chan go. He just wasn't the right fit for Georgia Tech or the college game. We'll leave it at that. Tech grad & uber-blogger Orson Swindle summed up Gailey's time on the Flats perfectly: "Chan Gailey Equilibrium, a mathematical figure equivalent roughly to 7-5. (If Chan Gailey plays you in anything, by the way, he will win exactly 58.3 percent of the time. We all have talents. Chan’s is having a mathematical tendency associated with everything he attempts.) Tech’s problem hasn’t been tight or loose scheduling–it’s been Chan Gailey, who will get you the same product every single time no matter if he’s fielding a squad of Nandralone-fueled sex offenders or a team of sleep-deprived midgets. Either team would lose inexplicably to UNC before handing Miami a shocker loss to finish at CGE, because that’s what his brand of football is designed to do." This is so true. For the record, Gailey is now being paid by 3 football teams: the Buffalo Bills as head coach, the Kansas City Chiefs who fired him as their offensive coordinator last year, & Georgia Tech, who owe him just over $1million per year through 2010. Any of you that think Ol' Chan ain't smart choke on that one & let me know if your last three employers are still paying you. If there's a bad guy in this scenario it's not Chan, it's former AD & generally nefarious turd Dave Braine. Between the Gailey contract extension & Paul Hewitt's "roll-over contract for life" Braine saddled Tech with a huge financial burden.
Please direct your considerable vitriol at this fellow.........
  • On the good news front former Navy QB & current Austin Peay graduate assistant Craig Candeto will be named the new offensive graduate assistant at Georgia Tech. Candeto replaces Lamar owens who was promoted to A-backs coach. The MVP of the Mids in 2002 & 2003, Candeto will work with the quarterbacks & B-backs. He also has flown F-18/1 Hornets in combat so don't fuck with him or he'll bring the fury on your ass. Welcome to the Flats, sir. And we're glad to see CPJ's loyalty to his former players. Speaks highly of him....
  • Speaking of Paul Johnson & loyalty, he's been showing Navy some love. Running back Jon Lee of Appalachee is a fine player but with our limited scholarships this season just wasn't going to get an offer from Tech. We'd love to have him as a preferred walk-on but he'd like a full ride. So instead of just cutting the cord, CPJ hooked Lee up with Navy & got him a scholarship opportunity. It's this type of honesty & commitment to student-athletes that goes a long way in building a program. We're unabashed Johnson fans & this is but another reason why. According to Lee: “I haven’t heard much from Vanderbilt but I’ve talked a bit with Coach Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech. He really likes me and if the numbers were there he would offer. I know they have only twelve scholarships to give out and they have one running back already committed to them. They are going a bit heavy on defense this year so running back isn’t a position they can afford to hand out extra scholarships to recruits. I totally understand and really am thankful for everything Coach Johnson has done. He and the staff got me lined up with Navy and I appreciate that from them. Coach Johnson has always been up front with me and told me no matter what he will be looking out for my best interests. He could have just walked away but he didn’t and that shows he is a man of character.”
  • Rising senior running back Lucas Cox is switching positions & will play inside linebacker this spring & next Fall. Cox is a warrior who has always done what's asked of him & what's best for the team & this move should get him on the field more in 2010. We expect with his size & willingness to take on guards (it's genetic, see brother Mike, currently of the Kansas City Chiefs) Cox will be a welcome addition on the defensive side of the ball in 2010.
#36 Luke Cox on Yellow Jacket Alley with quite the sporty coiffure......
  • Junior offensive tackle Clyde Yandell has chosen to tranfer out of the program in search of more playing time. Yandell was highly regarded as a pro-style pass blocker on arrival at Tech but never really found a spot under CPJ. He did play several series in the ACC championship game when Phil Smith & Nick Claytor wre hurt & acquitted himself well. We'll always be grateful for that. Best of luck, sir.......(Our scholarship situation is in a state of flux. Our best guess is 19 available).
  • Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele's brief flirtation with Tennessee yesterday may prove helpful to us. Evidently Dabo had his other assistants calling current commitments & recruits telling them of Steele's departure. When he decided to stay, Dabo then called the recruits back. Rest assured one of the most important things for recruits this close to signing day is the stability of your program, particularly the coaching staff. If this puts a hint of doubt into a kid like Justin Parker or Darius Robinson's mind we may well be able to flip them.
  • We have tentative spring practice dates. It will begin on March 29 & end with the T-Day game on April 24th. We'll publish dates & practice times once we get the official word.

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