Monday, January 18, 2010

Random Thoughts & Monday Musings...

It's Monday, a holiday, & frankly there's not a lot going on out there. I've been working on the comprehensive "Al Groh 3-4 Defense Opus" which should come out this week. The soundtrack includes both Lil' Wayne & Ride of the Valkyries so we've got that going for us. Coaches are on the road for in home visits this week as recruiting really heats up before signing day on February 3rd. Some news/thoughts:
  • Rising senior defensive back DeRon Jasper will be graduating this spring & forego his senior season of eligibility, giving us 1 scholarships for this year. Congratulations & best of luck.
  • Senior defensive back Corey Earls will spend spring practice at his original position of wide receiver.
  • We have our first & hopefully only academic casualty of the year as redshirt freshman safety Brandon Leslie has remained at home in California & not enrolled this semester. That puts our scholarship availibility at 19.
  • Subtract one scholarship as we understand sophomore B-back Preston Lyons, who transferred from Colgate to Tech & attended school on a Hope scholarship this season, has been placed on scholarship. Congratulations & well earned, sir....
  • We have offered Atlanta Westlake CB Darius Robinson a scholarship. A Clemson commit, Robinson grew up a Tech fan. He'll take an official visit next weekend & hopefully we can flip him.....
  • South Carolina LB Justin Parker is still our number one target & he'll get an in-home visit from CPJ, Coach Groh, & Brian Jean-Mary tomorrow. Parker has narrowed his choices to three schools; LSU, Clemson, & Tech. He'll be here next weekend to take an official. At 6'3" & 230, Parker is a perfect fit in our new 3-4 defense at inside linebacker & might have a chance to play as a true freshman.
Why be a Roughrider when you can be a Jacket...?
  • Word on the street is that Springville, Alabama offensive lineman Chase Hughes did not enroll early at Ole Miss in hopes of receiving an offer from Tech. A lifelong Jackets fan, Hughes projects at center or guard on the collegiate level. We expect an offer soon.
  • CPJ will head to Albany on Wednesday & visit A-back prospect Tony Zenon. We have heard the staff wants to trend toward bigger A-backs (Orwin Smith vs. Marcus Wright, for example) so it will be interesting to see if Zenon picks up an offer.
  • A good article on Al Groh's decision to come to Tech & the criteria he used to make that decision.
  • We are all in favor of adding the verb "kiffined" into the lexicon of every day life. An example: you're at the bar & have bought a hottie 2 drinks. You leave for the bathroom & by the time you get back she's hanging off some other guy. You just got kiffined. This video should help.
Poor Tiger. To be compared to Kiffin is pretty low....

Enjoy the holiday & as we said earlier, lots of interesting stuuf on deck including SEC scholarships/running off players, the Groh 3-4 opus, & a look back at the recruiting class of 2005. Word.......

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  1. To my knowledge, LSU had to cancel an on campus visit with Parker. That may leave us in the cat bird seat for him against Clemson. We'll see though.