Friday, October 9, 2009

ACC Passing Leaders

First by all the stats

1 Christian Ponder - FSU
2 Russell Wilson - NC State
3 Riley Skinner - Wake Forest
4 Jacory Harris - Miami
4 Thaddeus Lewis - Duke
4 Tyrod Taylor - VPI&SU
7 Chris Turner - Maryland
8 Dave Shinski - BC
8 Kyle Parker - Clemson
10 TJ Yates - UNC
11 Josh Nesbitt - Tech
12 Jameel Sewell

Shinski at BC has only played two games, so expect him to be better than he charts. Outside of that, Nesbitt's rating is killed by playing in this offence. Also, Ponder is good, but he throws the ball way more than anyone else in the ACC because FSU can't run. Here's what happens if you remove stats related to opportunity such as attempts per game.

1 Russell Wilson - NC State
2 Tyrod Taylor - VPI&SU
3 Christian Ponder - FSU
3 Dave Shinskie - BC
5 Riley Skinner - Wake Forest
5 Thaddeus Lewis - Duke
7 Jacory Harris - Miami
7 Josh Nesbit - Tech
9 Chris Turner - Maryland
10 TJ Yates - UNC
11 Kyle Parker - Clemson
12 Jameel Sewell - UVA

So Ponder's still really good, but Josh moves into "average" which is all we really need from him. TJ Yates is single handily assassinating UNC's season, and we told you about Dave Shinskie.

Here are the head to head stats for Nesbit and Ponder
Josh Nesbitt 50.8% Comp 11.0 Yds/Att 3.1%Int/Att 4.6%TD/Att 1.5TD/INT 151.86 Pass Rating
Christian Ponder 66.9% Comp 7.9Yds/Att .5%Int/Att 2.2%TD/ATT4.0TD/IND 139.08 Pass Rating

Ponder's been really good protecting the ball. Tech's defense has been bad against the pass except for one stat. They have seven interceptions on the year.

Key player to this game? DE Anthony Egbuniwe. He's been the only End outside of D. Morgan to get after the QB this year. He's been sick all week, but if he can get healthy maybe he will get enough push against one-on-one blocking to throw FSU's blocking plan off and open things up for Ben Anderson, whose shown some burst on occasion, and Derrick Morgan.

This is going to be a "Give me three stops" kind of game, and turnovers count as stops.

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