Thursday, October 15, 2009

One last rooting interest...

We can't stand Notre Dame. Is there a more arrogant-for-absolutely-no-reason, entitled group of whiners on the planet anywhere? You're not good. In fact, you haven't even been relevant for several years. So shut up. No one cares. Go eat the entire Sizzler buffet with your coach/dirigible, Fat Charlie Tuna. But we know we will be bombarded this weekend with USC-ND hype. Just turn on NBC (the 24 hour Notre Dame network) or ESPN & watch for 10 minutes. I guarantee you'll hear something about this meaningless game. But I can't root for the Architect's popular, "dreaded-meteor-strike-that-destroys-the-entire-stadium". Why you ask? I'd like to, but only one group prevents me:

What's the only thing better than USC's Song Girls?

Song Girls at the beach!

Jacket-Castrated Turkey game preview up tonight!!!

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