Friday, October 16, 2009

Random Things to Think About on Saturday

Team Stat Things

VPI averages a little over 18 pass attempts a game. Tech averages 12.5 a game. Tech is 4th in the country in passer rating and VPI is 9th. Both teams can pass, they just choose not to.

Tech is 4th in the country in rushing, VPI is 16th. Between the two teams 4 of the ACC's top 8 rushers will be on the field; Jonathan Dwyer, Josh Nesbitt and Anthony Allen for Tech, and Ryan Williams for VPI. Both teams also have a large cast of capable supporting players. VPI has David Wilson and Josh Oglesby. Tech has Marcus Wright, Embry Peeples, Roddy Jones, and Preston Lyons.

Individual Stat like Things

Running Backs
Ryan Williams weighs 205 lbs. Josh Oglesby weighs 210 lbs. Jonathan Dwyer and Anthony Allen weigh 235 and 231 lbs.

Wide Receivers
5 of the top 12 yards per catch guys in the ACC will play in this game. When these teams pass, they throw deep.

1-Stephen Hill - 30.33
2-Danny Coale - 26.90
4-Bay-Bay Thomas - 23.85
9-Ryan Williams - 20.43
12 - Jarret Boykin - 18.68

Both teams are run first teams, and both teams have really big receivers

Bay-Bay Thomas - 6'3" 229lb vs. Rashad Carmichael -5'11" 202lb
Jarrett Boykin - 6'2" 215lb vs Jerrard Terrant - 6'0" 202lb
Danny Coale - 6'0" 206lb vs Mario Butler - 6'1" 182lb
Stephen Hill - 6'4" 196lb vs Steven Virgil 5'11" 189lb

  1. Boykin is a top 10 receiver in the ACC
  2. Thomas is the best receiver in the ACC
  3. Actually Butler and Terrant may switch as Butler has been the more consistent player.
  4. Rashad Carmichael has 3 interceptions on the season, so he can get to the ball.
  5. Virginia Tech doesn't switch their corner backs to match wide receivers. Each plays only one side of the field. Tech could use this to their advantage.
  6. Williams out of the backfield could be a nightmare.

Line Play

  1. VPI's offensive line out weighs FSU's by an average of 15lb's. Their guard and center out weigh Logan Walls and Ben Anderson by an average of 16.5lb's.
  2. At 353 lbs, Tech's back up defensive tackle TJ Barnes will be the heaviest player player on the field when he plays.
  3. VPI loves to run behind Guard Sergio Render

Things we may see

  1. Tech's defense looked much better in a 3-4 alignment against FSU in the second half than they did in a 4-3 alignment last week. Wonder if we will see that this week. The 3-4 is good for stopping the run and stretches our depth on the defensive line. Plus its less predictable, which helps Tech get to the QB on pass plays.
  2. VPI may not be able to read the future, but their coaching staff understands Tech's offense a lot more the FSU's. They've talked a lot about using the corner backs and safeties to cover the outside pitch. Combine that with their 48 ranking rush defense nationally and Dwyer could have a big day. The secondary helping out against the run also leaves them susceptible to deep passes.
  3. Lots of running up and down the field. For the record Tech is 68th against the run, only 11.5 yards per game worse than VPI. This could be a 2.5 hour long game with over 800 yards of offense.
  4. Tech's offensive play calling has been oriented towards controlling the clock. With the size and depth Tech has at running back, and the depth on the O-line, the play calling should continue in that vein. Controlling the clock and scoring allows Tech's offense to dictate pace, which makes the other teams offense more predictable and easier to defend.
  5. Both teams have been good at recovering turnovers, and both teams have been pretty good at taking care of the ball on offense, but Tech has gotten away with a few fumbles this year, VPI won't let them get away with that.

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