Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Helmet stickers....or not...

It's Tuesday & that can only mean one thing:

Awards Day!!!!!

So in honor of our Patron below we shall bestow the following:

"The White Russian": for service to the Institute & The Dude above & beyond the course of duty i.e. general badassedness of the most high nature

And, as we constantly strive for balance & equilibrium in our lives , for every action there must be an equal & opposite reaction (Newton was a badass defensive end, or so I'm told), we bestow the Walter: for things we really don't approve of (Smokey breaking rules, rolling on Shabbas, etc...)
This week's winner's (drumroll please......):

White Russians:
BayBay Thomas

8 receptions, 174 yards, 1 touchdown, numerous devastating blocks including a vicious crackback that crushed a Chihuahua defensive end & resulted in a huge gain. BayBay may be our most complete player. Single cover him, go ahead, I dare you. He'll abuse you endlessly. Ask the Chihuahua corners he repeatedly torched on Saturday. So go ahead & role that safety over the top & double him. He'll block you into submission while his teammates throw a "Tech runs wild" party in your defensive backfield. Fun for us but you'll regret it when Dad sees the pictures on the internet....Enjoy it now for I fear that next year BayBay will roll on the Shabbas....

Josh Nesbitt aka "The Silent Warrior"

11-14 passing, 266 yds & 1 TD, 23 rushes for 53 yards

The engine that runs our offense found a new gear this week as Josh compiled his most efficient game as a Jacket. We've all known that the threat of an efficient passing game loomed above the heads of opposing defensive coordinators- we just hadn't hooked the guillotine up yet. Well, Mickey Andrews, you're the lucky guy.....have fun figuring this one out. Know this, Josh is our most important player & we need him healthy....

Rogers Redding

1965 graduate of the Institute & current head of officiating for the Southeastern Conference.

For instructing those who work for him to call the ridiculous excessive celebration penalty on AJ Green thereby sending the not-so-mighty nation of chihuahuas into a most laughable rage which continues even today. Spittle flies as conspiracy theories abound.....an inside job, how sweet is that!!!!
A hearty dose of Vodka, Kahlua & non-dairy creamer for these gentlemen's efforts this past Saturday!
Mr. Sobchak bestows his wrath upon the following:

The GT tackling dummies

Yes, our crash test friends clearly let us down this week as had they performed their assigned duty during the week we clearly could have TACKLED SOMEBODY!!!!! Increase the budget as we must replace the offenders at once.....but really...breakdown to your base, drive your legs & wrap up. Here endeth the lesson.
Kick Coverage

6 returns for 216 yds including an 89 yd TD. Not good. There will be changes. Run, Seek, Destroy all in your path. Repeat. Endless loop. We must do better for the Gobbler & his special teams forces of evil lurk on the horizon. Really. Beamer & his minions have taken special teams exploitation to a new level. We'll get our asses handed to us if we don't improve.
There are rules...mark it zero & don't let it happen this week......

We'll get you a more complete game breakdown later today.

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