Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More rooting interests...

Eric Berry, general badass, University of Tennessee
Eric Berry is a downhill runnin' freight-train whose fires are stoked by pure, unadulterated whoop ass. Don't believe me? Ask NoSHOW Moreno:

Here's to more of that on Saturday. And NoSHOW, a word about that hit from one of my favorite movies...YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!

FAMU vs. Thug U
We don't like Miami. Especially after they whipped us earlier this year. But no matter. When Miami takes the field on Saturday they will pale in comparison to their opponent. Can FAMU beat ThugU? Hell yeah,....Jacory Harris, Javarris James, Allen Bailey...Miami can have 'em all. We'll be rooting for the baddest MOFO on the field on Saturday:

Yep, no argument there. FAMU in a landslide.

A Boy (Man) Named SUH
Ndamukong Suh, to be exact. As if you needed another reason to tune in this Thursday night to watch the Huskers take on Mizzou? Watch this guy play. He led his team in tackles as a defensive tackle. He'll blow shit up all night, guaranteed. A large, fast, angry man.....enough reasons for me to root for him.

And finally,
We won't go so far as to root for our opponent this Saturday but with "Bowden Meltdown 2009" in full swing and a beat-down coming from the Jackets, if anyone needs a shoulder to cry on we're available...

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