Saturday, October 10, 2009

TXTing action from the early games.

What are we thinking? the following

NK to RR – 1:00

Auburn has to score now1

RR to NK – 1:10

BC VT is a little different than AU AK. The difference between AU and BC is that AU can score points in buches quickly. Auburn will need to score before half though. Not a good start regardless.

NK to RR 1:18

Three points ain’t enough

RR to NK 1:20

Nope, But the int helps… This cha cha cha shit won’t get it done. Both Malzahn and Chizzick will earn their stripes today.

RR to NK-2:18

Yeah… too man mistakes…

NK to RR 2:19

Bad day to be a rough rider

RR to NK 2:19


R to NK – 2:26

Hot Bobby. Oh hot bobby dadgum!!!

NK to RR 2:27

Zulu Dawn on TCM. Second best game of the day

RR to NK – 2:28


RR to NK 2:32

Rough riders trying to make it a game

RR to NK 2:42

Rough riders down two scores going into 4th, 1 fo 4

RR to NK 2:44


NK To RR 2:58

Some one un plugged GA TN game

RR to NK3:00

Must be some disgruntled UGA fan at Comcast who won’t accept the fact that they have a bad team…

RR to NK 3:02

Not a good day for the Rough rider nation

NK to RR 3:02

Vols are killing them

NK to IQ – 1:02

Georgia and Tennessee look like two mules fighting over a turnp

NK to RR 3:18

Zulu s getting picked apart by technologically superior opponent. Bodes well for tech o tonight.

NK to CH – 1:03

VPI looks scary

CH to NK – 1:04

Saw the score. Gonna be very tough next week. Have to play our best

NK to CH – 1:11

Yeah. Good test to see how far d has come sense Miami. Carolina bad. Miss State option voodoo

NK to CH and RR - 2:30

Catfish Strikes for Georgia

CH to NK

Lack of noodelers for the Dawgs

NK to CH – 2:35

Rambo lives off the land. Rambo noodels

CH to NK – 2:37

Is VPoly good or BC bad? Me thinks combo of both

CH to NK

It’s Carfish fever in knoxvegas! Love me some Crompton

NK to CH – 3:00

That hound dog is about to loose his damn mind. So many smells!

NK to CH – 3:04

BC not quitting. Getting killed, but not quitting

CH to NK – 3:05

Tough Boys

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