Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Would the Real Chris Brown Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up...

Chris Brown is an oft injured running back for the Houston Texans by way of the now nearly extinct Colorado Buffaloes (thanks Dan Hawkins, after having to share our 1990 National Title with those flea-ridden creatures, you Ralphie lovers are gettin' what you deserve).
Chris Brown is also some sort of musical phenomenon who beats up his girlfriend...aka a steaming pile of shit....
There was also a guy in my high school class named Chris Brown. A shout out to you, sir. If you publish a blog & no one reads it, did a tree fall in the woods?
But there is really only one Chris Brown. Genius, madman, publisher of the finest football strategy blog in the nation: Smart Football. Be warned, ye non-believers, this is mighty powerful stuff. Not for the faint of heart or those with out the ability to discern the importance of Schrodinger's equation (notice with one simple stroke this eliminates a good portion of the SEC, i.e. the RoughRider schools). Smart Football is the periodic table of football strategy. Trust me, you'll keep referring back to it.....Mr. Brown periodically references our fine program, specifically our fearless leader & his chosen system of destruction. Yesterday's post was, as usual, terrific:

This should be required reading for all Tech fans. Some thoughts on the article:

We are better offensively this year. No question. And we will only continue to get better as the season progresses. On the surface, it does seem we have less "big plays" (plays that go for 20+ yards) than last year. I'll have our crack research staff investigate this but I believe this to be the case. But we are averaging almost 30ppg as opposed to 24 last year. Combine that with the fact that this year's schedule is much tougher early in the season than last year & that may explain some of it. I also concur with Mr. Brown that our offensive line play has been sketchy at best. We rarely move anyone off the ball on the interior and frequently whiff when we get to the second level. Once CPJ gets his lineman in place we'll see much better results.
What did stick out to me about this article was the idea that Josh has predetermined reads. Wow! This is very interesting because at that point it's really not an option offense but simply a normal, preset play offense. This might explain why we seemingly miss so many reads as Josh will hand the ball to Dwyer or keep it depending not on the read but on the play called in the huddle. Don't think this doesn't happen. CPJ is a master playcaller & we've seen he likes to "set plays up" throughout the game. I'm sure he sends in specific plays with predetermined reads at times to see how the defense will react or what adjustments they have made. I don't pretend to know enough to give a thorough analysis of this hypothesis but it's now on our radar & we'll begin to look for answers.
But fear not!!! The stories of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. No one has "figured us out", except of course Virginia Poly safety Kam Chancellor, who at ACC media day let the world know that through the use of a ouji board & Madam Laveau's hair that he can tell what play is coming before we run it. Excepting the aforementioned Mr. Chancellor (who we might add was roasted by Alabama's Greg Mcelroy on seam routes ALL NIGHT LONG in the the Georgia Dome - guess the tin foil helmet worked...), our offense has been fine, albeit it a work-in-progress. But I digress. We've really been our own worst enemy this year. Poor blocking, particularly on the perimeter, has doomed us & left the opportunity for many a big play as simply a 3 yard loss. The plays are there for the taking, we just need to grab them.
So now you know, go to http://smartfootball.com/ & enjoy. Check out the big brain on Mr. Brown...

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