Friday, October 9, 2009

ACC Receiving Leaders

Too long a list, we cut out all the player not involved in this weekend's Tech Game

FSU is deep at receiver. Bert Reed has been the most productive but Ponder spreads the ball out well. While FSU is deeper, none of their wide receivers can touch Bay-Bay Thomas. Stephen Hill ranks lower on this chart than we think he will at the end of the season. He's only started two games, as he plays more he should move up the list quickly. Its safe to say that his actual value is closer to Caz Piurowski.

1-Demaryius Thomas - Tech - 107.2 yds/g - 3 TD - 22.33 yds/c
Best wide receiver in the ACC
6- Bert Reed - FSU - 63.6 yds/g - 0TD - 13.25 yds/c
A very good but second tier level ACC wide receiver
20-Caz Piurowski - FSU - 36.4 yds/g - 2 TD - 14.00 yds/c
No truth to the rumors that he changed his name to get ahead in life. Piurowski is the second best TE in the ACC behind NC States George Bryan
21-Rod Owens - FSU - 42.6 yds/g - o TD - 11.21 yds/c
A fair to middling widerReceiver
21-Jarmon Fortson - FSU - 33.4 yds/g - 1 TD - 11.93 yds/c
See Rod Owens
33- Stephen Hill - Tech - 22.75 yds/g - 0 TD - 30.33 yds/c
Has really only played in two games, but has the highest yards per catch average in the ACC
36 - Taiwan Easterling - FSU - 23.4 yds/g - 1 TD - 11.7 yds/c
Injured in the spring Easterling seems to have lost his starting spot to the players ahead of him on this list.

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