Monday, October 12, 2009

Proper Nomenclature please...

Well, we managed to leave the Redneck Riviera with a win! How sweet it is. We've also recently fixed the "comments" section here at the Barrel so flame away, we await your witty retorts wearing our fire-retardant suits (Thanks to The 4th Down Consultant for his assistance).
On to business. This week we play our biggest non-U(sic)GA home game in a long time as on Saturday The Hokies of Virginia Polytechnic & State University visit the Flats. Rest assured, there is much at stake on Saturday evening. What is not at stake is the claim to the title:

There is but one TECH!!!
While we answer to North Avenue Trade School, The Flats, The Institute & a few other monikers, make no mistake about it, WE ARE TECH. It's quaint & a bit flattering that those wanna-be-a real-engineering-school folks from the hinterlands of Virginia pretend that they are Virginia "Tech". Sorta like a study abroad program in Virginia if you will. Except we'd never put a study abroad program in such a ass-backward, shit-filled locale as Blacksburg, Virginia. You are not Tech. This is wrong & patently false. You are Virginia Polytechnic & State University. VPSU works. We prefer Virginia Poly:

Is it Virginia Polly or Poly?
There is only one Tech. We are Tech! Georgia Tech! The Ramblin Wreck! The Yellow Jackets! So, while we abhor rules of any kind we ask that you adhere to but one this week and forever more here at "The Barrel". It's Virginia Polly. Or VPSU. Hokies is okay but why anyone has a turkey as a mascot is beyond me. More on that later. We'll end with a bit of empirical proof as to why Virginia Polly is Virginia Polly....

Blacksburg, VA. Where the men are......


  1. you don't shorten Joseph to Seph, and you don't shorten Polytechnic to anything other than Polly!

  2. I've always been partial to Vippy Sue as it follows well along with VP&SU... Nice post, but it may have cost us a guest poster, BUT!!!!

    Many many props to him if he does.

    Awaiting a response with bated breath...
    Robespierre the Slender

  3. Would that be the mighty CHIP!!! We'd love to do equal air time for THE MIGHTY CHIP!!!!


  4. He's looking... He's thinking!!!!

    May---- Beeeeeee....