Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rooting Interests

Rooting for the following this weekend

1) The Denver Broncos' bold fashion choice to lead to a short lived but wide spread trend; Italian Renaissance Inspired Sports Wear. Move over under armor. WE MUST PROTECT THIS PALAZZO!
If it were up to us we'd make one small change. codpieces. They would come in four sizes, small, medium, large and Paul Johnson nuts of steel.

before and after.
You don't even want to know what dark corners of the Internet we had to go to to find this. We're just thankful for man-scapeing. It saved us a lot of photo shop time.

2) Golden Hurricane

That's right. Its singular, and in the proud tradition of the Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma is completely land locked. This is really all about one thing. We're sick and tired of the expression "BCS Buster". College football is not about national championships. Its about lining up and hitting the guy in front of you. It has more in common with boxing than the NFL.

As of this week's Sagarin rantings Boise State will only play two teams in the top 50 this year. Two. They've already played both those teams; a groggy Oregon and "not bad" Fresno State. The third best team they will play is mighty #60, the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. Its singular because there is no "s" in team. You can't take a team seriously if they only play two and a half meaningful games a year. You just can't.
Here's to QB GJ Kinne raining touchdown passes down on the Broncos like tornado's through down Town Tulsa. Kinne brings a 161.1 QB rating and 64% completion percentage to the party. Lets hope its a pain party
3) Form Tackles

Forget about the other team's man going down and going down hard, we just want them to go down. Don't worry about making plays. Stop making mistakes first.
This is the closest picture we could find to a Yellow Jacket making a tackle.

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