Thursday, October 29, 2009

That's a bad man.....

As the Architect so keenly pointed out in our rooting interests this week, we wouldn't be adverse to General Zod & his Clone Army descending upon the Redneck Riviera that is Jacksonville & reigning fire & destruction upon almost everyone there (Orson Swindle & the EDSBS gang are exempt from all harm). But I'm not sure I'm taking Zod & his Army in that brawl. Why you ask:
Brandon Spikes-an angry, angry, man with a penchant for destruction. Think a malicious Wyclef Jean with the ability to alter the course of nature through sheer aggression...
Brandon Spikes is a force of nature. He doesn't practice all week as they keep him locked up for fear he will destroy all in his path. I'm not talking about locked up like "Mike the Tiger" at LSU in his $5 million dollar habitat. I'm talking about caging that fearsome beast in an underground bunker & feeding him vegetables all week so when he emerges on Saturday he simply ravages anything he can get his considerably carnivorous hands on. I guarantee you The Ginger Ninja has been wetting the bed all week thinking about Mr. Spikes. How bad a man is Brandon Spikes?

Bad enough that he can wear that pink suit & nobody in the world will say shit to him....

Game preview later tonight....


  1. Does that make Tebow Starsky or Hutch?


  2. In all honesty, there is something that tells me this game might possibly be more interesting than expected. Not that I would go out and place a bet on U(sic)GA by any means, but I have a feeling...

    - Arkansas gave Florida everything they could take and UF needed some late magic and some help from the officials to win. UGA beat Arkansas going away in a track meet.
    - UF had issues with Miss State, and needed (yet again) some help from the officials to make this game a respectable win... U(sic)GA is better than Miss State...
    - U(sic)GA is coming in with absolutely nothing to prove and nothing to gain.
    - They aren't a bad team. They have some assets that may be helpful against Tebow and UF's sputtering offense.
    - They've had a week off. (I'd have to check my stats, but) From what I remember, every time they've come into this game with an extra week to prepare, they've won.

    The one thing that is going against them is that the game is too early. The Ginger Ninja is hoping for an overcast day...

    Plus, It wouldn't move us ahead, but it would get us a little closer to the top 5 and who's there...

    Again, I'm not saying, I'm just saying you know...


  3. UF hasn't been blowing people out, so i see no reason why they should beat the rough riders by 15+ points, but I do have a problem with "Georgia's due" theory, which seems to be the main reason eveyone gives who picked UGA in this game.

    If you are due it's cause you are bad and haven't won crap.

    Week off + AJ Green = Georgia's best chance. Multiply by 1.2 if heavily overcast in J'ville.

    Two words mark richt, Tunnel and Screen.

  4. LMAO... I can't get over the Roughriders reference.