Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rooting Interests

1) Rio de Janerio - Here's to gold medals, micro thongs, and coconut shivs! We're stimulated, very stimulated. It may be lust, it may be fear, it may be both. One things for sure, Midwesterners in Cubs hats and parkas don't make us feel this way.

two words "opening" and "ceremony"

2) Frank Spaziani - We don't know the man, but for some reason we just like the guy. Maybe its because he's gone out of his way to make room for Mark Herzlich, last years ACC defensive player of the year. He was sidelined by bone cancer this year. Other than being a good guy, we also suspect that Spaziani is a pretty good coach. Boston College is teetering on "good". The Rough Riders also face Virginia Poly this week, so our motivations are not completely pure.Spaziani knighted Herzlich as an unofficial coach when he placed his signature yellow towel on Herzlich's shoulders. Much respect.

3) Meteor Destroying all parties involved. To all of you who have lost family members to meteor strikes, our deepest condolences.

Saturday October 10th, 8:01 pm, Red Stick Louisiana

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