Monday, October 26, 2009

News, Notes, & Random Thoughts from the Weekend....

A busy weekend beating up the "born-with-a-silver-spoon-jammed-up-my-ass" brigade in Charlottesville got us thinking about a few things (in no particular order)...
  • Does rain hurt or help our offense? UVA this weekend, F$U, UNC, & U(sic)GA last year. All wins. I think we're okay in the rain...
  • From Aaron McFarling of the Roanoke Times: "This offense is not a gimmick. It's not a freak show. It's a legitimate, effective beast that gobbles up first downs, swallows the game clock and then belches all over a tired defense." You, sir, are not only an astute observer of football, but a fine wordsmith. Huzzah, Huzzah.....
Our march to victory continues virtually unabated...
  • In each of our last three wins we've gone on long drives in the 3rd quarter to seal the victory: 16 plays, 80 yards, 9:07 time of possession (FSU), 12 plays, 86 yards, 6:28 time of possession (VPISU), & this week's installment of the "Welcome to the Bataan Death March" an 18 play, 82 yard, 10:47 masterpiece that left the Minions of Groh demoralized & defeated. CPJ complained about our "killer instinct" earlier this season. That's putting your foot on their throat.
  • I will never get tired of watching The Diesel blast Virginia cornerback Chris Cook. You got rolled, byatch....
  • Bad news on the injury front as sophomore free safety Cooper Taylor (heart condition) & senior defensive end Robert Hall (knee) have been ruled out for the remainder of the year. Taylor will ask for (& undoubtedly receive) a medical redshirt while Hall will graduate in the spring. We'll see Coop next year so get well soon & thanks for five years of hard work, Mr. Hall.
  • We've gone 14 consecutive 2nd half possessions (since F$U) without a punt. Turned it over a couple times but damn.....
  • Finally, something for our friends from Virginia Polly....
Stick this in your pie hole...
It's been ten days since we beat their ass but Frank Beamer & Kam "the Answer Man" Chancellor still want to complain about our "illegal" blocks. Bullshit. They were all legal. An arc block from the non-motion A-Back is perfectly legal. And when you're in the open field & not engaged with another player, we can & will, dive at you knees. Suck it up, buttercup, it's legal. Hell, on Nesbitt's final TD run Chancellor gets screened off the play by Tyler Melton who simply stands in his way! CPJ had this to say: "It was two weeks ago, why are they worried about it now. I heard that he said he was blocked illegally on the touchdown by Josh, that is a joke," Johnson said Monday. "Put the tape on and watch. Tyler Melton cracked the free safety. He does not even block him. He shields him. They got out-schemed. So it is illegal to out-scheme them, I guess." Hey Kam, you don't wanna get called out on Sportscenter??? Shut your gaping pie hole, moron...

Did you see this coming????


  1. Next, they'll be griping about the aluminum foil in the helmets... What is this world comeing to?

  2. I looked for a video and the best example I could find of what the hell Beamer is talking about is here.

    From what I can tell, it looks like the guard makes incidental contact as he runs by which actually causes him to be "held" by the guy supposedly being chop blocked by the tackle. I think it was clean, even if seemingly dangerous, and I don't think that he could have been involved in the rest of the play even if he hadn't been taken down if you look at where the ball goes.

    Leave it to Beamer to isolate a play for review that shows one of his own guys committing an uncalled penalty to point out an uncalled penalty on the other team.

  3. And did I just make an unintentional TV show pitch? "Leave it to Beamer"?

  4. I just looked at Chris' clip. It looks like the low block makes contact first. The Tackle runs past the end. It's not a chop block. It is however a clip. It's not legal to do that, and I'm pretty sure it's not coached at GT.

    VPI needs to stop whinning. on every snap their is a big pile of men at the line and all kinds of carnage takes place.


  5. just watch it again, and its hard to tell if the LT gets his helmet in front of the player or not. It's close to something, but definatley not a chop. Also watched this

    basically Chancellor playing like crap.


  6. Nice work, gentlemen. What this boils down to, & I'll post more on this later, is that Beamer can't figure out how to stop our offense so he's trying to legislate ways to make us more ineffective. It's a giant smear campaign against us & the way we play. They said the same thing about Grobe & Wake when they started to win. Be interesting to see if the officiating changes against us as this year progresses.

  7. Wow! That second video clip really backs up Chancellor's pre-game smack that he "watched a few films from last year and knew where the ball was going to be." Glad that ESPN handled the 'dirty work' for us. A whopping ZERO unassisted tackles in the game for a 'premier safety.' Good job there, buddy. Good job.

  8. The run by Nesbitt to the 2 in the second video posted is the one that Beamer "corrected" himself and said that it was an illegal chop on Chancellor... I spent a couple of minutes looking at it (big thank you to ESPN for the spot shadow on the Premier Hokie Whiner) and here's what I saw:

    - The non-motion A-back moves past the line of scrimmage, basically *stops* and waits for Chancellor to close to cut him.
    - The fact that the A-back is kinda sideways on the play doesn't change the fact that they were heads up.
    - Chancellor is not expecting the block to come fromt he A-back; watch his facemask and he's looking to deal with Mr. Dwyer.

    I think the problem here is that Mr. I Can See It All Coming In My Magic Crystal Turkey got used to Mr. Dwyer being the responsible blocker, and was not pleased when CPJ fooled him with a change in blocking assignments.

    One last note - the rule against chop blocking and clipping (which is more what they are alleging here) does *not* require the defensive player to see it coming. It just needs to be from the front of the defensive player. I would think it's obvious to any player at this level that if your head isn't on a swivel you are probably going to get yourself hurt.

  9. Since this is a random thought blog post, check out Mike Leach's thoughts on his players girlfriends...

    I'm trying to find the rest of the video - you can catch most of the interview on ESPNU news.