Saturday, October 24, 2009

Killing the Undead......

Some people use these kits to deal with the Undead & Unfired......

Today, Paul Johnson summoned the Tech version of Cerberus, the three headed monster that guards Hades, to fight the Minions of Groh.
Suffice it to say, 369 yards of ground pounding later, little was left of the Wahoos in it's wake.....

The Diesel in full rumble

Anthony Allen had malice on his mind & in his heart

Josh efficiently dispatched the minions of Groh

Put a stake in it's heart, that streak is done....


  1. 3 firsts in less than 12 months. BCS bound? Thank you Clemson. Monday becomes honorary thank a Tiger day. Wear Orange.

    Florida, Alabama....
    Da da dadadahhh. Overrated!!!!

    Looking forward to planning a trip to Tampa,


  2. RtS1 -
    a few comments on yesterdays game:
    1) CPJ decided that after an unimpressive first half, he would take the ball, drive for a score. Little did he expect it would be the 4th quarter after he was done... Holy Schnickeys batman!!!! 10:47 drive???? They could have timed it on a sundial. That was truly amazing and demoralizing for the undead.

    Quote(s) of the day (mid 4th 1/4):
    Bernie: Did Josh score today?
    RtS1: Once already, looks like he'll get another one because there's too much clock and not enough field...
    Bernie: What, is this Techmo Bowl???
    TV: Nesbit breaks through.... TOUCHDOWN!!!

    2) As noted earlier, Monday is official, "Wear Orange to Work" Day/Pat a Tiger on the Back Day. We owe them big time... And all this despite Yabba Dabba Dabos infinite wisdom and clock management skills...

    3) Alabama and Florida are getting away with it right now. SEC officials are now too afraid to make the right call and it's having significant effects on games... (see non-celebration call on Mt Cody, non-fumble call against UF) both struggled mightily against unranked apponents...

    Both of these teams have a loss in them. Neither appear to be world beaters. All the while, Texas bitch slaps Mizzou around.
    Quote 2:
    RtS1: Texas beat Mizzouri like a rented mule....
    Dr Rolfes: I thought they were only playing Missouri State???
    RtS1: Might as well have been...

    4) Did Iowa and TCU make a deal with the Devil?

    And finally E). What the f#\<*>~}|.< is up with the AJC???? Seriously. We crush an age old curse against an in conference rival, get some help from Clemson, and awake to find our story as a byline underneath a pumpkin carved with the freaking Uga label?????? Seriously... WTF???

    I was thinking we would get some cred when we started producing, but this is rediculous...

  3. Nice game guys.


  4. The AJC is not fit to wipe one's ass. Maybe to line a litter box but that's about it. I wouldn't even wrap fish in it...I value my fish too much.