Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Rooting Interests

1) Wood Stakes - This weekend Tech faces the coaching equivalent of the UnDead. The UnBad, UnFired, Al Groh. Things that would kill other coaches, like having top 5 draft picks on your squad and not making a bowl game, or loosing to "Bill & Trixie", or being shot at point blank range, don't phase Groh. The only way his inevitable march to 7 and 6 can be stopped is with black magic and dealings with the devil.

Cedar is preferable
behold, the walking UnFired!!!!
2-The Golden Pitbull - Being so close to Halloween, and as Tech is facing the UnFired, and as Tech is fighting WaHo voodoo in Charlottesville, Tech's personal house of horrors over the last 18 years, we summon a mystical beast of our own, the Golden Pitbull!


3- Baboons and Hyenas to turn on People
What could go wrong?

4) Carl Weathers - His mad jungle fighting skills will come in handy, plus he can make a stew out of anything.
you're married to Carl Weathers? Shit!

4) Moving the ACC Championship game (ACCCG) to Charlotte. This makes so much sense.

7 is less than 4

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