Monday, October 5, 2009

Ummmm, yeah.....

Indeed. They needed more cowbell, some stickum (5 fumbles for our agricultural friends), & some kryptonite to stop BayBay Thomas on Saturday night. But what about the SEC "speed" we here so much about on ESPN every week? Please, continue with your blazing ways as you fly around chasing fumbles. And by all means continue to cover BayBay with midget chihuahuas nipping at his ankles. Please.....
As CPJ always says, "42 is more than 31" and a road win in Starkvegas is a fine one for the Jackets. The "Silent Warrior" Josh Nesbitt continued his workman-like ways on Saturday, unveiling a new weapon in his arsenal, the forward pass. Okay, everyone knows I LOVE the spread option offense & Saturday did nothing but increase my devotion to our system of destruction. I've waited all year for us to throw the ball efficiently for huge chunks of yards & on Saturday we did just that. Have fun loading the box against the run now....
More tomorrow on game specifics but for now some light reading from's Sunday Conversation with King Daggummit dba Bobby Bowden:

Q: Is the passing attack with Thomas a worry?

Bowden: Well, in the wishbone, the running game is 90% of it. I don't know of anybody in the wishbone that comes out throwing the ball all over the field trying to beat you with the forward pass. You run the ball the so good, that you start neglecting their receiver - I make that singular - sometimes they will send out more than that. The receiver, all of the sudden he is wide open and they end up killing you with the passing game. But it is still a running game offense. It's an offense you don't want to get behind. You don't want to be two touchdowns behind because again, it's a ball control, running offense primarily.

Q: What can you say about Thomas specifically?

Bowden: Is he the receiver?

Q: He is one of the receivers. He caught about 180 yards last game.

Bowden: Was he there last year?

Q: Yes sir.

Bowden: See I haven't looked at Tech yet. I'm still fretting over yesterday. We will get on Tech this afternoon. I remember the guy they had last year, I thought he was excellent. They have another guy too?

Q: Yeah, they use a two wide receiver set.

Bowden: Are they in at the same time?

Q: Ah, yes sir.

Bowden: I haven't studied them yet. We just got through grading the Boston College game. I know this, if they have the guy back they had last year, they have a good one.

I promise you I did not make that up.....

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  1. Bobby has quickly moved into a Strom Thurman like figure head position