Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome To Big Time Football

The Vanderbilt game is scheduled for a 7:30 kick off. We're pretty sure Vandy's not the reason for another prime time appearance.


  1. In the line of big time football, let's take a moment for Jasper Howard, Randy Edsall, and UCONN football. What Randy had to go through at 5 am on Sunday, I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. EDSBS has a pretty good writeup.

    The Slender One

  2. It's a moving write up at EDSBS. Edsall, a former Tech coach, says "identifying a body" isn't in the job description. So, so sad. A school sponsored dance? I'm the first to pile on when an athlete doesn't live up to his/her obligations & that certainly wasn't the case here. Our condolences go out to Howard's family, pregnant girlfriend, teammates, friends. God speed...
    The Chef