Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All Barrel Team Defensive Backs

The All Barrel Team roles on with Defensive Backs.

D-Backs are a little hard to judge. Good backs on good teams tend not to wrack up lots of stats as opponents will try to avoid them. So dry your eyes if we messed this one up.

All ACC Team:

1st Team - CB Kendric Burney, UNC - CB Brandon Harris, UM, S DeAndre McDaniel, CU - S Deunta Williams, UNC
2nd team - CB Ras-I Dowling, UVA - CB Patrick Robinson, FSU - S Morgan Burnett, GIT, S Kam Chancellor, VPI&SU
Honorable mention - CB Rashard Carmichael, VPI&SU - CB Crezdon Butler, CU - CB Leon Wright, DU - CB Kenny Okoro, WFU - S Rashard Hall, CU - S Randy Phillips UM

Some weird choices there. Some how one of the four Human Torches from FSU made the list. Maybe Robinson is a real player, but see our comments about first mates ant the Titanic from Monday. Also, what's the deal with the love affair with a Miami pass defense that finished 38th in the country?

Now for the All Barrel team:
CB - Camoron Chism - Maryland
This is what happens when the official All-ACC team lists four players under Honorable mention.
Chism is a nice player, not great, but nice. He makes the All-Barrel team mostly because of the 65 tackles he made this year, but that's more a function of how bad the rest of the Terp's defense was. He did make for interceptions on the year, which puts him among the Conference's best.
S - Marcus Gilchrist - Clemson
The Clemson secondary was sick this year. While Gilchrist wasn't as good as his teammate DeAndre McDaniel, his 88 tackles led all ACC safeties. If McDaniel was excellent, Gilchrist was very good. His presence made it difficult for other teams to role plays away from McDaniel, and a secondary is only as strong as its weakest link.
S - Matt Daniels - Duke
The Sophomore lead the ACC safeties in solo-tackles. He also had three tackles for loss and five passes broken up. Before you dismiss his tackle numbers as a function of a poor Duke team, realize that this Duke defense had a respectable showing in the ACC this year (9th in points, 9th in rushing, and 8th in passing) not great but certainly well withing the normal range. It also faced the seventh fewest plays among ACC defenses.
CB - Charles Brown - UNC
Brown was a very good player this year and deserves to be on listed on the All-ACC team. Teams systematically avoided Kendric Burney and Charles Brown made them pay. Brown had 13 more tackles than Burney, including 18 more solo tackles. He made three interceptions and broke up 8 passes. Brown may not be as good a player as Burney, but he's not the kind of player teams want to pick on. A little known fact about Brown: he's never kicked a football. True Story.

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