Saturday, December 19, 2009

TCU is Kevin Bacon

Go head and test us. We guarantee we can tie TCU to any FBS school through conference games.


  1. Too easy. TCU beat Virginia 30-14. Virginia beat UNC 16-3. UNC beat UConn 12-10. Connected.

  2. Through Conference Games is how the game is played. For example

    TCU Played in Conference USA with Cincinnati who plays in the Big East.

    Thats two degerees of seperation betwen TCU and Cincinnati.


  3. That's a tricky question. I can't think of any that they wouldn't be attached to...

    Air Force connects them to both service academies and Notre Dame, which then connects them to the Big 1eleven0.

    You may vary well be right. For that matter, there may be no college team that is separated from another D1 opponent through TCU...

  4. Iowa also played very briefly in what would become the Big 8 and thus the big XII.

  5. Easy

    Bowling Green Played in the MAC with Marshall from 1997-2005

    Marshall moved to Conference USA in 2005

    TCU played in Conference USA from 2001-2004.

    P.S. Army played in Conference USA 1998-2004. If you consider the Commander in Chief's cup a league (and why wouldn't you) you can connect TCU to Navy and Air Force.


  6. I don't think I get this game.