Thursday, December 17, 2009

What if....

We began this discussion yesterday with our tailgate group & wanted to throw it out there to the general public. What if the ACC had to add a team? Play a hypothetical here with me. Let's say the Big Eleven does expand (our Big 11 insider Romeo says not gonna happen -it's all a public relations hoax!) and decides to take Boston College. We now need to add a team. What team do we add & why? Give us your answers, we're curious. If you are being serious, remember that we need to think about basketball also. The ACC isn't gonna let a school in without a significant program. And humor is encouraged but no "SEC fan delusional shit" please. Notre Dame is not going to join the ACC. And neither is Tennessee. So who do you want & why?????


  1. Here are a couple suggestions:

    Outright Theft:
    - West Virginia (F$U North)
    - Rutgers (Decent, but NYC tie ins)
    - UConn (Excellent Basketball, up and coming football program, NE tie ins)

    Bringing them up:
    - App State (Bad because NC is overloaded already)
    - SMU (Historical program, good school... in roads into Texas)
    - TCU (New up and coming program, inroads into Texas)

    these are the best I could think of...

  2. I think this question is in part inspired by talk of Big Ten expanssion. It has been mentioned that Missouri may jump from the Big XII, and thus Arkansas may jump to the Big XII, their old stomping ground and thus the SEC would have to pirate a team from eathier the Big East (Louisville, Cincinnati) or the ACC.

    I'm not sure why a team would jump from one big conferenc to another. The differenc in pay isn't that much, but lets say that Missouri does leave for the big ten for whatever reason, like trading the Dallas and Houston TV markets for Chicago. Whatever. I don't think Arkansas would leave the SEC.
    They've settled in quite comfortably in the SEC, plus the SEC is super rich with its new super rich TV deal. What seems more likely to me is the Big XII and the PAC 10 (They've also expressed interest in expanssion) would pouch the unballanced Mountain West and WAC conferences. Boise State, Utah, TCU, BYU and to a lesser extend Air Force and San Diego State have clearly out grown the UNLV's, Idaho's, and New Mexico's of the world.

    TCU has already shown a lust for social climbing. In the past few years they've moved frmo C-USA to the WAC to the Mountain West. Wouldn't it make sense for them to jump into the Big XII or even for the PAC-10 to grab them in an effort to crack the Texas TV markets. Idaho and Utah would also be good fits in either the Big XII or PAC 10. BYU would probably fit best in the Big XII. Legend has it Cal-Berkley has vigorously resisted adding the Mormon heavy school the PAC 10 in the past.

  3. From a conference POV, the ACC has tried to become more significant in football with its last expansions. FSU, Miami, VPI, BC were all added to bolster ACC football. hasn't happened. We were better off with Clemson running away with it every year. The new teams have all gotten worse and only Tech has risen to become a national power.
    As a result of expansion, ACC hoops is a joke compared to the glory years. Duke and UNC are still perenially strong. No one else has shown any appetite or ability to make a dent in the top 25 for more than one season.
    To fix this problem, the ACC needs to admit it wants to be the best hoop conference in the land and accept being a second-tier football league. The SEC and Big 11 have admitted the opposite. Their football is far superior to the ACC and their hoops is JV.
    If the ACC sacks up and admits the obvious, there are two teams it makes sense to go after: Kentucky and Tennessee. both are the dominant schools in their states. both have strong hoops histories and current squads. Problem is both are rogue programs that would admit a ham sandwich if he could shoot, run or score. they wouldn't fit the ACC bill from a compliance perspective. UConn has the same problem. Calhoun can't coach if he can't cheat.
    Best solution? Bid bye-bye to the Canes, Noles, Hokies and BC. Kick em out. the only reason they were added was to get a conf championship game and BCS berth in football. The decline in ACC hoops is costing us more money than the alleged "improvement" in football.
    Go back to the ACC the way it was (and should be). Otherwise, we'll be rightly heckled as a second-class imitation of the SEC. One that pales in comparison on all fronts.