Sunday, December 6, 2009

How Sweet It Is...


  1. I like the "smile" on this one better. :-)

  2. In lieu of rehashing an early morning argument...

    Screw Kirk Herbstreet. He's just flat wrong. I agree with Hash, offense wasn't the problem, our turnstile defense was....

    As for the question that was asked, would I rather
    1) lose every other game and beat Georgia or
    2) win every other game and win the ACC?

    Well, if either of those situations were in a vacuum, I would rather beat U(sic)GA. The thing at issue here, is that the U(sic)GA does not itself exist solely independent of everything else. If we are frequently in BCS (read big boy) bowl games, the more and better recruits we will bring into the program, and thus it becomes less and less likely that we will actually lose to our lesser opponent in Athens. Thus, a year or two where we lose to U(sic)GA, but win the ACC and go play significant big boy football in January, means likely 4 or 5 where we BOTH beat U(sic)GA AND play meaningful football in January.

    Now on the opposite side of the coin, if you accept that the season had a "black eye" because of the loss, you are allowing their fan base to dictate what is and isn't a successful season for your program. THAT is a matter of personal preference. I refuse to let them tell me what is and isn't good, bad or indifferent. I can do that by my lonesome. If you do that, I won't agree with you, but again, that is your choice.

    TCU and Boise State got screwed by the haves. The BCS took the easy way out in order to prevent having to answer any hard questions... Hate em all.

    Just my $0.02
    - RtS1