Thursday, December 3, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wrongs Picks From God's Country

Sorry, FLW has been out of commission the last two weeks. General life and crap. This week we're off to see Grandma #2. Only 93 years old. She lives alone and mows her own lawn. Per Charles Darwin, I will live forever. I don't even floss.

Weekend itinerary:

Friday -
  • See as many buildings in Minneapolis as we can. Gotta write this trip off some how.
  • Catch up with only moderately more degenerate cousins
  • Dinner at noon on the farm with Grandma outside Buffalo Lake, Minnesota. No lake, they drained it to grow more sugar beats, and no buffalo. They killed all of them. Menu? Sausage, Mash Potatoes, Jello Salad, Bars, Hot Dish, Leftsa and a thimble full of ice wine.
  • Find even more degenerate cousins in their favorite bar by 8:00
Sunday -
  • Maybe go out and kill something with the most degenerate cousins. At the very least the boys will "go out back and shoot guns". After all, its Sunday.

Oregon State +9.5 at Oregon. Just a lot of points for such a big rivalry and War Damn Duck just hasn't been consistent enough to feel good about them.
Central Michigan -10.5 over Ohio. My Baby, she's a Chippewa. Part Cherokee and Choctaw, I'm an Indian Outlaw.
West Virginia -2.5 over Rutgers. Bill Stewart is the Western Pennsylvania high school record holder for yards passing in a season. Think about it.
Cincinnati EVEN over Pitt. Wanstache vs. soon to be fired Notre Dame coach.
Houston -2.5 over East Carolina. We love pirates, but we love offense more. It will be like a slower, smaller version of Cincy vs. Pitt.
Florida -4.5 over Alabama. Michael Jackson and Prince. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, Tim Tebow and ????.
California -6.5 over Washington. Seriously, run, don't walk.
Nebraska +13.5 against Texas. A boy named House of Spears Suh will keep it close.
Georgia Tech -1.5 over Clemson. Both teams have improved a lot since they first faced each other. Clemson is awesome on defense, and has a couple of big weapons, but I got to take CPJ and the nut kickesque full back dive over William Christopher "Dabo" Swinney.

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  1. Have a safe visit to the frozen neither-realms of our vast land. We'll see if we can get you a live stream of the game if the local feed is bad. Have fun with grandma! Enjoy your shooting excursion.