Friday, December 11, 2009

All Barrel Team

We have some time off between now and the Orange Bowl, and we are going to take the time to review the season that was. As part of that we are going to run a series on the All-Barrel team. The All-Barrel Team isn't made up of the best players. For the most part the All-ACC team gets that, instead it highlights some players whose efforts may have gone unnoticed. Call it the All-Under Rated Team.

Today we start with the guy's who stuff the run and harass the quarterback. They are a little bit like mamma, because when they feel good, everyone feels good. The defensive line.

Just so you know, these are the All-ACC selections
DE, Derrick Morgan-GT, Robert Quinn-UNC, Willie Young-NCSU, Rickey Sapp-CU
DT, Nate Collins-UVA, Allen Bailey-UM, Marvin Austin-UNC, John Russell-WFU, Vince Oghobaase-DU, Jarvis Jenkins-CU, Joe Joseph-UM

ALL-Barrel Team

DE-EJ Wilson - UNC
While teammate Robert Quinn had a great year and is deserving of all the awards he'd received, fellow senior EJ Wilson was almost as disruptive. Wilson racked up 11 tackles for loss and four sacks and three forced fumbles. Consider this a pick to honor the Tar Heel front seven.
DT-Ayanga Okpokowuruk - Duke
Duke may have had the most underrated defensive tackle combination inthe ACC. Ayanga Okpokowuruk was the underrated Vince Oghobaase. Ayanga had three more tackles than his All-ACC teammate by virtue of playing in every game. Being there is valuable after all. He also had two more tacklse for loss, 2.5 more sacks, and 1 more forced fumble.
DT-Alan-Michael Cash - NC State
The Wolfpack defense sucked this year, but Alan-Michael Cash is a hard nosed defensive player who deserves more recognition. Losing linebacker Nate Irving, who was injured in a one car accident this summer, really hurt this team, and it hurt Cash.
DE- Matt Conrath - UVA
End, Tackle. Tackle, End. Its kind of the same thing in Al Grobe's 3-4 system. The 6'-7", 270 lb sophomore record three sacks, six tackles for loss and knocked down three passes this season, all while playing a position not known for producing play makers.

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  1. How about a shout-out to the DT's on Clemson's line? Messrs. Jenkins and Johnson didn't have the big stats, but just from a GT perspective helped to take away the dive up the middle. They helped to dictate the gameplan for the ACCCG, moving more towards an outside running game because of their middle clogging ability.