Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dr Seuss.....

We know the 4th Down Consultant is a talented guy: marathoner, Lions fan - general raconteur, if you will.  We also know he's a fine father to his 20 month old son (other than the fact he & his lovely bride refused to take our tailgate group's suggestion & name him "Calvin Hamilton ...."). But we had know idea the lengths to which he would go to raise his son "properly". From the 4th Down Consultant, in the vein of Green Eggs & Ham , eat your heart out, Dr. Seuss:
We run left and right,
On a Saturday night, 
We can throw it to BeBe,
if Peeples' hands are a maybe,
We can score in the sun,
To watch is so fun,
We can run in the rain,
We'll run on you a train,
Prepare all you want,
Jackets still bring the pain,
This one's in the can,
4 DC I am....

Reading this to your child every night certainly should put you in contention for father-of-the-year.  You have also at this point assumed additional duties at The Barrel: along with your job as 4th Down Consultant, you are hereby named Poet Laureate of the blog.  Hear ye, hear ye. If in need of more material, might we suggest this fine work, a primer on playing defense against Georgia Tech:

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