Friday, December 11, 2009

Notre Dame Finaly Does Something Smart

The Brian Kelly hire is the first fundamentally sound football decision Notre Dame has made since firing Bob Davie. We say this based on three things the hiring has in common with Georgia Tech's hiring of Paul Johnson:

One: Kelly's been a winner everywhere he's coached
Two: He's only had three jobs before this. Though he was at Central Michigan for only a short period of time.
Three: he has recruiting ties in the area. In Kelly's case the area happens to be Michigan and Ohio.

Check, Check, Check it out. Kelly's resume:

Grand Valley State (Allendale, Michigan) 1991-2003, 118-35-2, .768 six conference championships, three national championship appearances, and two national titles, including an undefeated season in 2002.

Central Michigan (Mount Pleasant, Michigan) 2004-2006, 19-16, .543 with one conference championship in 2006 and a Motor City Bowl berth. Central Michigan was Navy like before Kelly's arrival. They went 4-7 his first season, but by 2006 they went 9-4

Cincinnati (duhhhhhhhh!) 2006-2009 34-6 .850, two conference titles and two BCS bowl appearances.

Though Cincinnati's offense is awesome this year, Kelly's earlier Cincy teams and Central Michigan teams were known for defense. Combine this with a long history recruiting in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, and Kelly's ability to build programs and the Irish may have gotten a bargain at $3 million dollars a year. Rich Rodriguez, you are so fired.

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