Saturday, December 26, 2009

We're Back....

Well, Christmas is over. Hopefully the family drama was minimal & the presents were many. There's not a whole lot going on at Tech right now as players & coaches return on Monday to begin Orange Bowl preparation. Rumor has it things will be a bit different this year leading up to the game. Hopefully this is the case as last year still leaves a bad taste in our mouth...
So as we wait for another Gambler's Guide we thought we'd leave you with a few videos:


  1. Well done on the video. It did appear that whoever did the video initially had problems finding highlights of GT games short of the ACCCG.

    On a side note, the ACC is now in sole posession of the lead for moral victories. This is most certainly a problem in need of remedy in the very near future.

  2. Bebe has the best stiff arm out of all the Wide Recievers in College Football.


  3. The corn song made me LOL.

    Then the guy slipping his sister the tongue made me TUOMM. (throw up outside my mouth)